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The Garrulous Gavel

Mar 8, 2022

This go-round, we chat with Corinne Blalock, who is the Executive Director of the Law and Political Economy Project.  Law and political economy (LPE) is an intellectual movement within legal academia, and the LPE Project is an organization, housed at Yale Law School, that brings together the scholars working in the movement, and that promotes the ideas of the movement in various other ways.  Corinne explains what LPE is, and gives us insight into what it’s like to be on the forefront of building infrastructure for a new intellectual movement.

Then, we get garrulous with Corinne about chickens.  She lived in a house in Brooklyn, NY where chickens were raised in the front yard.  Surprised that it’s both legal and feasible to raise chickens in New York City?  She’ll explain how it’s done, and also why male chickens, a/k/a roosters, are worse than jackhammers and considered outlaws!


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