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The Garrulous Gavel

Mar 29, 2022

Listen in as Jon chats with Christopher Deubert about life as a sports lawyer. Chris worked for the Football Players Health Study at Harvard University, before becoming the General Counsel for the D.C. United professional soccer team. Now in private practice, Chris represents players, clubs, and other participants in the sports industry.
Chris talks with Jon about what sports lawyers do, and how a lawyer can get into the field. Chris then unpacks some of the more interesting recent intersections of sports and law, including the Major League Baseball lockout and new collective bargaining agreement, the Brian Flores v. NFL race discrimination lawsuit, and the new Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rules that apply to college athletes.
Then, Chris gets garrulous about one of his other passions: reading the biographies of American Presidents. So far Chris is up to President No. 32. Do you know which one that was? If you listen to this episode, you’ll find out, and you’ll also be surprised to hear which two Presidents are Chris’s favorites.

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